Cio D’or – Ur / Uhr

telrae 011
Cio D’Or
Ur / Uhr

Limited 10″ Vinyl
mp3 / wav

“I like hypnotic techno, it gives
people this sense of endlessness,
this infinity that trance doesn’t achieve.” (Cio D’Or 2012)

Cio D’Or is well known to the world of electronic dance music.
Her releases on Munich label Prologue have created an international following of people who see in her the individualistic producer and the free thinker.
She is a true perfectionist if that can be said about anyone… and she is also a traveller who seeks for new sounds and new developments.
Her aim to make “music sound endless”… “something that never stops”, was just a perfect “match up” to what our label Telrae is all about.
Her two tracks “Ur” and “Uhr” are in fact two moody trax with a raw – electronic – crackling and droning – “dubby” character. Tracks that are indeed timeless and carry a futuristic approach.
„Ur“, Originated from her love to Dub, Cio D’Or seduces with time with wobbling chords, sizzling sounds, subtle Dub Step rhythms, music to re -listen to, to re-feel..and to experience a panoramic vision of oneself.
„Uhr“. It is time not only for a portion of dub but also for the sensation of „time“. Her watch ticks in a different way..perceived things in ways of a dub rhythm. Time is here opening up spaces for melodies and technophile existence creating a homage of a positive humanist life.
Call it “spacy” or “cosmic”… these are attributes that apply also to her techno productions.
When we speak about Cio D’Or we nevertheless prefer to speak in terms of “colours”.
A track by Cio D’Or can bring together: the rough and the fine lines, the loose and the tight, the dark and the sparkling moments, the muscle and the gentle strokes… the repetition and the transformation.
In addition to the two originals, Salz, core member of Telrae, have constructed a dub remix of “Ur” on the basis of creating a super flow accompanied by a strong understatement.
We hope you will enjoy the release as much as we do.

Release date vinyl: 23rd May
Release date digital: 8th June 2012

A. Ur

[audio:telrae_011_01.mp3|artists=Cio D’Or|titles=Ur (64 kbps Preview)]

B. Uhr

[audio:telrae_011_02.mp3|artists=Cio D’Or|titles=Uhr (64 kbps Preview)]

Digital 1: Ur (Salz Remix)

[audio:telrae_011_03.mp3|artists=Cio D’Or|titles=Ur (Salz Mix) (64 kbps Preview)]