Deepchild / Stefan Gubatz – Reworks Pt.3

telrae 003
Deepchild / Stefan Gubatz
Reworks Pt.3

Limited 10″ Vinyl (Sold out)
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Australian artist Deepchild is a musician of many faces. The artist living now in Berlin has recorded music ranging from dub to techno. He has a deep appreciation of music which is growing on you, which he gives an example of with his dub remix of Backroom. His remix fuses a Burial Mix sounding deepness with a strong personal dimension of ambient and crispy noise and sterical delays. At some moments this might remind oneself of Man Parrish ambient tracks he has released in the 80ies. We are shure this will be not the last involvement of Deepchild on Telrae.

On the flipside we would like to introduce producer Stefan Gubatz. Gubatz originally stemming from the north of Germany in Husum, an area what is mistakenly refered to as an northern island of Germany. Stefan has been exposed to forces of nature ruling Husum which he does not want to miss. Inspired by hours of listening to numberstations, Gubatz, who takes his time finishing each track has over the years assembled a fine collection of dub tracks. Many tracks are in the process of being finished, others wait to be released. Telrae will release his first solo 10″ around february/march 2011. With his remix of 20 Toes he gives a stunning debut, showing you what to expect of him in the future. Gubatz for sure seeks the uncertain and the anonymous to create a chilling atmosphere. He connects electronica with dub by ways of using noise and feedbacks as a matrix and by that gives his tracks a nordic touch. His remix of 20 Toes starts with what sounds like a pounding on a wooden floor and winds that race relentlessly around imaginary objects. A wispered voice creates an image of distance and remoteness which goes hand in hand with the elements of the track. Expect Gubatz on Telrae04.

A. Backroom (Deepchild Remix)

[audio:telrae_003_01.mp3|artists=Backroom|titles=Deepchild Remix (64 kbps Preview)]

B. 20 Toes (Stefan Gubatz Remix)

[audio:telrae_003_02.mp3|artists=20 Toes|titles=Stefan Gubatz Remix (64 kbps Preview)]

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