Stefan Gubatz – An / Aus

telrae 004
Stefan Gubatz
An / Aus

Limited 10″ Vinyl (Sold out)
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Tune in with Stefan Gubatz on his first solo 10″ on Telrae.After Gubatz first contribution on Reworks Pt3 (Telrae003) it was time for him to show his full potential with these two deep dub trax. Stefan’s ability of sneaking deep inside of things and having these develop in a subtle way… is an outstanding quality you can witness here. “An” Energy rising to the surface in spurts, small volcanic eruptions… create a audio-visual side so beautifully balanced with up and downs… it keeps one totally at ease.In the course of the track Gubatz introduces bolder basslines and percussion “attacks” in a bubble of FX sounds and chords that evoke impressions of great plains and an endless flat landscapes. Then he gently leaves the trail to close the circuit… making it a fantastic journey. “Aus”Dubby beats and rattlesnake like sounds, a speeding hi hat sequence and a snare with the sound of a thunder… evolving in endless delays..static sound counteracting the established ones… all sounding like the forces of nature.Then and this seems to be the “Gubatz trait” he introduces strings coming from out of nowhere, sounds from the distance which are being joined by funky deep chords adding sweetness to this wonderful soulful piece of music. The 10″ comes again in a handmade sleeve of of white with solver stripes. The record is strictly limited.

A. An

[audio:telrae_004_01.mp3|artists=Stefan Gubatz|titles=An (64 kbps Preview)]

B. Aus

[audio:telrae_004_02.mp3|artists=Stefan Gubatz|titles=Aus (64 kbps Preview)]

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